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A Home Based Business Owners Story

I run a work-from-home business. It is fairly successful though I wish I could offer the same benefits that I would normally get working for a large company. The time came when I was getting fairly steady work and making a decent profit. What I was very interested in doing was taking out some form of health insurance so that I might be reimbursed for any time lost while sick, as well as help with medical bills for my family.

I was unsure of the process of how to look for a health plan so I began to look online. What I found was a number of firms willing to offer online quotes for health insurance, covering both individual and family plans.

My main concern was value. I had a certain budget that I could take of my business income and put towards my family’s health plan. I wanted to be sure that for my budget I was able to get the most out of my plan in terms of coverage as well as a trusted, established, insurance company.

My main concern was specifically for prescriptions and medical expenses. I had not taken into consideration some of the other options available for health insurance. I found some plans that would cover chiropractors, physical therapy, and even mental health.

I asked a family friend to weigh in who had recently purchased health insurance. He directed me to the United health insurance quotes page and urged me to fill in an online form. The process to fill out the form was quite brief. There is also an option to contact a broker which I ended up doing instead of because I had many questions. I wanted to get to the root of the plans that United health insurance quotes offered.

When I was presented with was a very strong argument against competitors. United health insurance is a very established company that’s been in business since 1977. They boasted as well to have won an award for providing the best healthcare plans back in 2010. The broker was able to take me through a number of different plans and I was able to outline and explain my business. They didn’t seem to care how small we were. After our conversation, I was very quickly sent the final United Health Insurance quote by e-mail. I talked it over with my family and got a second quote as well, the same plan was offered by a different company but it seemed to be more expensive. Having read a number of online reviews after getting the United health insurance quotes, I was also reassured by a number of posts outlining how quickly United health insurance was able to pay back health insurance claims.

With such award-winning customer service, a plan that would work for me, and a reputable company, I felt that my decision was made. I ended up meeting with the broker and signing up for the policy. I sleep much better at night knowing that I have health insurance, and I would urge any other small business owner or individual to seek out United as a health insurance option. The process from quote to having the policy is quite simple and could end up saving you or your family thousands of dollars.

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Jesse Smedley is the Principal Broker for iHealthBrokers and the founder, president, and CEO of Smedley Insurance Group, Inc. and iHealthBrokers.com. Since the inception of SIG in 2007, Jesse has been dedicated to helping people save money on their health insurance by providing them with resources to educate themselves on all their health insurance options, both under age 65 and Medicare beneficiaries. He is featured in many publications as well as writes regularly for expert columns regarding health insurance and Medicare.

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