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Travel Health Insurance

People travel both in-country and internationally every day. When people are getting ready to travel they usually have things like packing, bag weight limits, tickets, lodging, passports, business plans, sightseeing, and dreading long lines at the airport on their minds. Last is usually the what-ifs of being hurt or getting sick while traveling. Travel health insurance will take care of these issues and give peace of mind to those who take the time to purchase it.

Why should I buy it? This is a great question and is probably best answered using some scenarios that have happened to our own clients. A businessman is sent to Mexico to visit some manufacturing facilities. While he is out to eat he gets food poisoning and needs some medical attention. A young couple is walking some cobblestone streets of Paris and one falls and breaks a tooth. You, along with your church group, are visiting a small village building schools and hurt yourself. Let’s say that it is bad enough that you need to be sent back to the United States for surgery. This would all be taken care of under your travel health insurance policy.

What will be covered? Under a comprehensive plan, you will have coverage for medical costs that you incur at a physician’s office, an emergency room, surgery costs, dental costs, and much more. You may have coverage for some physical therapy, accidental death, and dismemberment, as well as emergency evacuation. Travel health insurance may also cover ambulance services and even dental work.

What types of policies are there? Several different types of travel health insurance plans exist. Single trip plans for someone going overseas. Multi-trip plans for frequent travelers or business travelers. There are also plans for groups like school groups or missionaries and there are policies specifically built for expatriates who have decided to live in other countries. The policies for expatriates can be designed to cover someone both inside and outside the U.S. to be sure all their needs are met depending on how much they travel.

What is the cost? Travel health insurance is quite affordable. Short-term plans are less expensive than long-term and expatriate plans. Factors like age will be considered when producing a rate but many times health factors are not taken into account and you may be able to have coverage for pre-existing conditions. Always talk with your broker about this.

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