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The stigma of independent contractor health insurance being outrageously expensive and unaffordable is an unfortunate one. Independent contractor health insurance can very easily be fit into even the tightest of budgets. We can discuss a few ways we can help make it an easy decision to purchase independent contractor health insurance. These include: using a broker, choosing only the options that you need, and fully understanding your policy.

  • Use a broker. No one wants to be sold anything but a good independent contractor health insurance broker won’t sell you. They will ask you some detailed questions, learn about your situation and what options are important to you and then go to work. A broker will be able to shop the competition easily and quickly and find you the policy that is best suited toward your needs as an independent contractor. Remember, they are also usually independent contractors. Finally, a broker will be able to guide you in the right direction. They have their fingers on the pulse of the health insurance industry and will be able to help make choices that won’t hurt you in the future.
  • Choosing only the options you need. These are different for everyone. Some folks can afford a high deductible and some would prefer to pay a little more each month. Some need a copay to see the doctor and others don’t. Independent contractor health insurance can be custom fit to you and your budget. Have an honest conversation with yourself, your spouse, and your broker to clarify what options are important to you and then let your broker find the policy for you. They can help you forgo the options that are frivolous and still make sure your needs are met correctly.
  • Fully understand your policy. No one wants to use their health insurance. It’s there for emergencies and when you get sick. It is important, however, to fully understand your independent contractor health insurance policy. When, or if, you need to use it is not the time to learn what is and is not covered. A broker can help make sense all those policy details. You also will have a single point of contact for any questions you have after you purchase an independent contractor health insurance policy, rather than some 800 number.

If you have any questions or need a quote on your independent contractor health insurance please contact call us at 866-260-9829 or use the widget above to quote yourself.