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Health Insurance for Individuals in Texas – Is it Affordable for the “Small” Budget?

Health Insurance for Individuals in Texas

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Health Insurance for Individuals in Texas

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Is Texas Health Insurance Affordable for the Small Budget?

Affordable is quite a malleable word. It means something different to each person, family, and budget. The questions to truly ask is “Can I afford to not have health insurance?” The answer is most likely going to be no. Many of us are healthy, not overly accident prone, and live fairly risk averse lives. I doubt many of you reading this are hunting crocodiles or jumping out of planes regularly. However, accidents and health problems happen. I’m sure we all know someone who has taken a nasty spill or had a health scare. You may even know someone who didn’t have insurance and is now indebted to a hospital or physician for years to come. Health insurance for individuals in Texas can be the buffer between you and that indebtedness and it can come at an affordable price for every budget. Here’s how.

The “Small” Budget

Health insurance for individuals in Texas is like a fine suit jacket. It fits best when it is tailored well by a professional for you. This is where your broker and some honest dialogue come in. Discuss your serious needs with your broker and honestly discuss what you can pay monthly for health insurance. They can then help you decide if you need every bell and whistle or if you can trim some of the excess coverages away to pare back on the monthly cost. You want to be sure you are protected from hefty major medical expenses like surgeries and tests that can cost a small fortune depending on their complexity and invasiveness. A routine knee surgery goes for about $5,000 these days. A major surgery like a transplant can sky-rocket over a $1,000,000 very quickly. It is unlikely you will need these procedures but major medical health insurance for individuals in Texas can take care of a major portion of these costs if they happened to you.

You can cut expenses by choosing a policy light on the benefits. Maybe you are not worried about coverage for doctors office visits. You can even choose a higher copay amount to offset your monthly cost a bit. Your broker can even help you choose a higher coinsurance amount. Meaning you may pay a little more out of pocket up front in the event of needing major medical services but you will pay less on a monthly basis. You can choose to have a health insurance policy for individuals in Texas that has no dental or vision coverage to bring the monthly cost down as well.

Finally, USE YOUR BROKER. Emphasis there is important. They can help people in all situations afford a policy that will suit your needs and your pocket book. It is not as scary and unintelligible as it seems. A good broker will break down everything you may want to know and let’s remember… Broker’s do not charge for their services.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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