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GeoBlue Travel Medical & International Health Insurance

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[/raw] Many people have heard of GeoBlue health insurance policies.  You have certainly heard of them if you are an expat, world business traveler, do a large amount of missionary work, or just travel abroad frequently as a tourist.  If you have not heard of their plans you should and you should probably learn a little about Geo Blue.  They offer some of the best benefits in the market at great prices.  We will talk a little about the plans below.

What they offer-  GeoBlue offers travel medical and international health insurance for several occasions.  They have plans pre-tailored for single trips or multi-trips, in case you are a frequent traveler. They also offer coverage for single trip groups for those who may be involved in missionary work or a humanitarian organization.  They also have long term or annual plans for those who may be expatriates and live overseas on a full time basis.  Expat crews who spend much of their time aboard ships.  They will insure both captains and crew members.  Finally, they offer plans built for expatriate missionaries who spend all of their time spreading their faith or helping those in need all around the world.

Plan Design-  The plans that Geo Blue offers are considerable in their scope of coverage.  Each policy may be subject to a policy maximum (or the amount after which the policy will pay no more) and you should discuss what that may be with your broker.  You may also be subject to a deductible.  the higher deductible you choose the lower the premium will be but the more out of pocket expenses you may be liable for in the event you need to use the policy.  Medical benefits of a GeoBlue plan may include hospital costs including the cost for surgeries or emergency surgeries, x-rays, anesthesia, ambulance costs, as well as the cost for bedside visits.  You may also structure your plan so that there is coverage for one to visit a doctor’s office.  Lastly, one of the great benefits that is included is emergency evacuation.  If necessary, it is possible for your plan to evacuate you back to the United States for care.  In a situation where you may want friends or family or even access to the best health care in the world it would be highly convenient to be jetted back into the country.

Why It’s Better-  Geo Blue plans offer the most flexibility of any plan we have ever seen.  the benefits available to you are both plentiful and deep so if you structure your plan correctly you can have little out of pocket for an illness or injury overseas.  The premium is also a benefit to the consumer.  These policies are built to be competitive in the market place.

As always, if you have questions please email us or leave a comment and we will get back to you.  Thanks for reading.