Changes in Medicare Part C & Part D in 2022

Every year there are changes in Medicare. During the AEP you can review these changes for Medicare Part C (Medicare Advantage) and Medicare Part D.

Changes in Medicare Advantage

Every year there is a slight change in the costs of available plans. In 2022, Medicare Part C plans will actually be less expensive on average. On average, monthly premiums will decrease about $2.
It is estimated about 2.5 million more people will enroll in Medicare Advantage this year. There will be a sharp increase the amount of plans available. Specifically, there will be a tremendous increase in the amount of DSNPs available. These are dual eligibility special needs plans for those eligible for Medicare and Medicaid. Review the available plans on Medicare.gov.

Changes in Medicare Part D

Although Medicare Advantage Plans will on average be less expensive, Part D plans will be slightly more expensive. The average monthly premium for a Medicare Part D plan will rise about $2 on average. Not a huge increase, but still something to be aware of. There has also been an increase in the Part D deductible. In 2021, the Part D deductible was $445. In 2022, it will be $480. There are plans with lower deductibles available, but they may have much higher monthly premiums.
Additionally, there will be many more senior savings model plans (around 2100). These are insulin savings plans which offer a 30 say supply of insulin for $35.


The AEP runs from Oct. 15-Dec. 7. During this time you may join a plan, drop a plan or switch plans. Make sure to review your plan’s benefits because they may change on a yearly basis. Additionally, with the changes in Medicare, new plans available there may be one better suited to your needs.
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