Aflac Medicare Supplement Underwriting Update

To assist you in resolving any pended cases you may have in underwriting, we want to remind you that all communication to you regarding your new business is sent via email to the email address you provided at the time of your appointment.  CHCS Services, Pensacola, Florida, is the administrator for all Aflac Medicare Supplement businesses.  Anything related to policy administration, policy issues, and commission is managed through CHCS Services.  If you submit an application that must be pended for any reason, you are immediately notified via email from CHCS Services of the outstanding requirements.  CHCS has indicated that some agents are not following up on the outstanding requirements.  We believe that this may be the result of your intended email going to your spam or junk folder.  Or, you may not be familiar with CHCS Services and like many people, fail to open an email from a recipient that you do not recognize.

Please add the following address to your contacts to ensure that your notifications are not going to your spam or junk folders:
CHCS Services
P.O. Box 13547
Pensacola, FL  32591

All emails sent to you from CHCS Services relating to your Aflac business will contain the word “Aflac” as part of the subject line.  We believe this will alleviate the issue that has been reported to us by agents stating that they are not being notified about underwriting requirements.  Aflac is working hard to finalize its Medicare Supplement Agent Portal.  This will be available in the near future and will enable you to check the status of all of your cases on a real-time basis.  Until this is delivered, we ask that you and your staff check your email daily for any emails from CHCS Services regarding your Aflac new business submissions.

Email Notifications from AFLAC Underwriting

This update is a follow-up to the communication you received yesterday.  When CHCS Services sends an email notifying you of an outstanding requirement on an application you submitted, the email address will be from  Please add this email address to your contacts to prevent emails from going to spam or junk folders.

Instruction for Submitting New Business When You Collect the Initial PremiumWhen submitting applications with cash, do not fax these applications to the underwriting department.  When you collect the initial premium with the application you must mail these applications to Aflac’s new business department.  Underwriting cannot process a faxed copy of a check.  When the check is mailed in separately from the application, oftentimes it cannot be matched to the application.  We have 67 cases pended because applications were faxed with a copy of the check and the check mailed separately.  Upon receipt of the check, for various reasons, the check cannot be matched to the application.  If the initial premium is not to be drafted and you are submitting the application with a check or money order, please mail it to the address listed on the back of your underwriting guide.

If using a delivery service such as UPS or Fed Ex, send to:

411 N. Baylen Street
Pensacola, FL  32501

Fax AFLAC Cover Sheets

When faxing new business, always use the Aflac Fax Cover Sheet with each application.  A link to the Aflac Fax Cover Sheet is included here.  Do not fax more than one application per Fax Cover Sheet.  Make sure you fully complete all items on each fax cover sheet.   If you are faxing from a remote location, you must include the return fax number if you would like to receive a fax confirmation that your fax was received.  Make sure all pages of the application are included.  Indicate the total number of pages faxed including the fax cover page.   Again, always fully complete a fax cover sheet with each application you submit.

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