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How a Broker Can Get You a Better United Health Plan

Many small business owners hate getting small business health insurance quotes.  Those same small business owners think it is going to be a hassle to switch carriers and discuss the new policy with their employees.  They think a lot of time, effort, and too much of the unknown will be involved.  These business people love their current plan, they like their current coverage, they don’t like the way the premium has climbed.  We’ve got a solution.  Unfortunately it’s not a solution for everyone but definitely a solution for many small businesses out there.

Here is what you can do, especially if you have United Health as your current carrier.  When you ask us to get you some small business health insurance quotes we will also discuss your current United Health plan with the company.  Many times small businesses who have had the same plan for years don’t know that they are on an old, out dated policy.  New policies get introduced every year and old policies get phased out to new customers over time.  This happens for a multitude of reasons.  Price changes, coverage changes, or underwriting and law changes.  When this happens the old policy, possibly the one you still have in force creeps up in price faster than the new policies.  We can go to them for you, discuss the new policies, and check to see if any of the new policies would fit your needs.  Hopefully at a better price.

If we can do this for you it won’t cost a dime, it won’t be painful since you could possibly stay with your current carrier, and you may not have to discuss any plan changes with your employees.  Sometimes there really is an easy way without having to go through the rigmarole of all new small business health insurance quotes.