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AEP for Medicare 2022: Do’s, Don’ts & How To’s

AEP for Medicare 2022: Do’s, Don’ts & How To’s

The Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D AEP is every year from October 15 to December 7. Learn the do’s, the don’ts and the how to’s the make the most of the annual enrollment period.

Do become familiar with is a wealth of information. It’s more than just a way to enroll. There are FAQs, help articles, a live chat feature and more. You’ll also receive email updates with any changes. The website itself is fairly easy to navigate and has features designed to make it easier to comparison shop plans. That being said, summaries of benefits can still be rather dense. It’s much easier to work with a real person rather than pick through all of the minutiae. You can work with a broker or an agent or even call directly.

Do use a broker

There are three main ways to sign up for Medicare during the AEP. You can use, work with an agent or use a broker. An agent is a representative of the carrier. They can only present you with their company’s available options. A broker works for you. They are a third party liaison between you and the carrier. They can help you comparison shop different plans  offered by different carriers. You will not receive a discount by working with an agent or pay more by working with a broker. Many brokers do not charge an additional fee for their services.

Do provide full information

Whether you use, an agent or a broker, during the AEP there is certain information that you’ll need to provide. The more detailed and accurate you can be, the better. You’ll need to access to your income and assets to see if you qualify for special programs which can help you save money. Additionally, it’s best to have an understanding of your specific medical needs to pick a plan aligned with them. Finally, you’ll need information regarding your doctors, preferred hospitals, medications and pharmacies to make sure everything is in network.

Don’t be fooled by low premiums

When comparing costs, it’s easy to get lured in by the plan with the lowest premiums. You also need to make sure that the plan’s network and benefits align with your needs. Additionally, look at deductibles, copays/coinsurance and any out of pocket maximums to make sure the plan fits your financial needs. If you find last year’s plan wasn’t a good fit, the AEP is a great time to change plans. Also, make sure to always review your plan during the AEP because benefits can change.

Don’t trade access for benefits

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