International Health Insurance – What Is it?

//International Health Insurance – What Is it?

International Health Insurance – What Is it?

International Health Insurance – What Is it?


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When you decide to travel abroad for a long period of time, take a job in another country, or spend your retirement in some far off land I doubt one of the things on the front of your mind is international health insurance.  Your probably thinking about logistics, housing, what you plan to take with you, and the friends and family you will miss.  However, you want to make sure you are fully protected while abroad in case an accident happens or you catch some nasty infection or bug.  You can easily do this with the right insurance plan.  Let’s talk about what this is.

What’s covered – International health insurance is not that dissimilar from regular health insurance.  It has some key differences to be sure you are covered when living away from the U.S.  These policies normally have a lifetime maximum that can be spent.  The range is too wide to state so be sure to check with your broker and discuss your plan.  There will be some benefits for hospitalization, how much coverage and whether or not you get a private or semi-private room will depend on the plan you decide to purchase.  There will be coverage for emergency room visits, in home care, hospice, organ transplants, and much more services you will normally get at a hospital.  You may have the choice to purchase a plan that has dental benefits, pregnancy benefits, etc.  There may be emergency evacuation coverage to get you back to your country of origin and depending on the plan you choose you may be able to add your dependents to the coverage.  International health insurance can be a very comprehensive plan if you choose it to be.

Always check with your broker to see what benefits you would like to carry along with what is available and be frank about your budget as these policies can be pricey.  It’s better to have some coverage than no coverage at all.

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